A management consulting firm that helps clients cope with the complexities of designing and administering employee benefit plans. By obtaining independent and objective advice, clients are empowered to make decisions that better align with their business goals and objectives.

Working well with employees at all levels, Carlson's Consulting transforms ideas into reality in the areas of:

  • Strategy development and implementation
  • Benefit cost management / Request for proposal (RFPs)
  • Training & seminars
  • Vendor performance audits / Quality improvement
  • Problem resolution
  • Expert witness testimony
  • Health Care Reform (Affordable Care Act - ACA)
  • As a certified management consultant, Ted Carlson has met and exceeded stringent quality standards based on independent quantitative and qualitative client evaluations.

    Carlson's Consulting has never accepted contingent commission payments and disapproves of the practice of accepting them.

    Employee Benefit Solutions
    14523 Muirfield Lane, Suite 100
    Houston, Texas, 77095-3413
    Phone 281-856-8899
    Fax 281-856-0877

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